And what’s going on in the Czech republic?

Eurovision Song CZ

Sometimes, you wish broadcasters would stick to what we know. Either organise a national final or take the record company money and send someone who’s after a bit of publicity.

Not so in the Czech Republic, and because we thought you might not be clear how the song and singer gets picked, here’s a quick recap.

What’s the big idea?

Eurovision Song CZ is the national selection organised by Česká televize. Six songs are in the running. The winner will be decided after combining points (50/50) from an online vote with those awarded by a ten previous Eurovision contestants.

The public vote closed yesterday. Anyone could take part through the official Eurovision app, but confusingly if you lived outside the Czech Republic, your votes would be ignored.

CT has already announced the winner of the international jury vote as Mikolas Josef.

On Monday, well hear the full jury result and how the public voted. If it all goes wrong and ends in a tie, the song with the biggest backing from the Czech public wins.

The ‘expert’ jury

  • Dami Im – represented Australia in the 2016 contest
  • Robin Bengtsson – represented Sweden in the 2017 contest
  • Naviband – represented Belarus in the 2017 contest
  • SunStroke Project – represented Moldova in the 2017 contest
  • Sanja Vučić – represented Serbia in the 2016 contest
  • Jalisse – represented Italy in the 1997 contest
  • Iveta Mukuchyan – represented Armenia in the 2016 contest
  • Nathan Trent – represented Austria in the 2017 contest
  • Norma John – represented Finland in the 2017 contest
  • Liora Simon – represented Israel in the 1995 contest

Where can I hear the songs?

Česká televize received over 400 entries – 36 were by Czech songwriters. The six selected finalists were announced on 8 January. First up, the one the jury liked most.

When do we know who won?

The winner will be revealed on 29 January 2018.

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