17 May – Put on your blue suede shoes

We’ve not long been home from a contest that was almost in Denmark. Yes, it was in sunny Malmö, but many people travelled through the enormous Kastrup airport to get there. So could Copenhagen have made a claim to be a (co-)host city?

The Danes are eager participants in our favourite TV show these days, and in 2008 sent today’s birthday boy Simon Mathew. Yes, he was definitely Danish despite his non-Danish-sounding name. Simon was in the first contest to have two semi-finals, and sailed through his semi-final in third place. Things changed in the final – but at least he made it there – finishing on the scoreboard’s right-hand side. Denmark’s performances of late have been getting a bit patchier. They’d probably kill for 15th these days.

Simon is 40 today.

Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Simon!

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