A very different looking DMGP produces a winner

Now, I sit here every year and look at European TV contests and wonder “What would it be like if the UK had one” – then I saw this year’s DMGP, and the horror unfolded before my eyes.

This was not a vintage contest by any stretch of the imagination, with nothing to excite the palette and, somehow, the lack of an audience made it even worse than I expected.

It does seem, however, that the Danes are hankering after the Mid 80’s by choosing this…


Song Performer(s) First Round Super Final Psn
Højt over skyerne Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn 29% 3
Hvileløse hjerter Nanna Olivia
Silver bullet The Cosmic Twins
Abracadabra Claudia Campagnol
Everything is alright Mike Tramp
Øve os på hinanden Fyr & Flamme 37% 1
Står lige her Emma Nicoline
Beautiful Jean Michelle 34% 2

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[…] A very different looking DMGP produces a winner […]