Denmark has announced its candidates. Are they any good?

After deciding that Ben & Tan were not worthy of having another go at the prize (and for values of that I clearly mean they won last years contest and not the 2021, one) This year, eight songs are on offer (down from the usual ten) – and they were announced on the 10th February.  They are all below for your delectation, delight and digestion.

The usual form for the Danish final is a 2 round affair, Juries and Televote usually do the first round with pure televoting deciding the winner.

Song Performers
Højt over skyerne
Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn
Abracadabra Claudia Campagnol
Står lige her Emma Nicoline
Øve os på hinanden Fyr & Flamme
Beautiful Jean Michel
Everything Is Alright Mike Tramp
Hvileløse hjerter Nanna Olivia
Silver Bullet The Cosmic Twins



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