Denmark has chosen Reiley – TikTok is the future

Reiley winning DMGP

As with so many countries that have taken part on “super” Saturday, Denmark have done precisely nothing with the way that their song was chosen compared to previous years.  They have moved it, though, to the Næstved Arena … no, I’ve never heard of it either!

That plodding method of choosing this song is the same as most years. Eight songs start in the first round with SMS and app voting picking the three to go through to the “Superfinal” – that app voting, by the way, had been open since Feb 6th, not sure if that is fair but that’s for another day.

In the superfinal, we get the professional jury involved, along with that app and SMS Voting.  It took me a little while to work out how they were doing the voting because instead of showing us vote totals there was a bar chart showing the percentage of votes counted as they went round the regions and the top three after each region was announced.  A very strange way of doing it but hey.

That full result, then…

SongPerformer(s)1st Round2nd Round Jury2nd Round TelevoteTotalPsn
Stuck on YouFrederik Leopold
I Was Gonna Marry HimEyjaa
GlansbilledeMicky Skeel Q815233
Beautiful BullshitMaia Maia
FreedomNicklas SonneQ1420342
HumanMariyah LeBerg
Lige herSøren Torpegaard Lund
Breaking My HeartReileyQ2815431

So despite losing the televote (40 percent to 30 percent) Tik Toker Reilley has made the contest.  I really don’t understand this any more!

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1 year ago

Pretty easy to understand.. Voters count for 50% and Jury counts for 50%. Jury voted 14% for Niklas Sonne and 28% for Reiley. voters voted 20% for Niklas Sonne and 15% for Reiley.
A weighted result from those two results will determine the winner.. How hard can that be to understand?