Denmark – High flying adored

Leonora at Eurovision 2019

Leonora was dressed pretty much as she always has in shirt and braces.

There had been camera issues in the first rehearsal, so everyone was keen to see them resolved this time around.

Things still looked messy as Leonora climbed the ladder to her chair. Today, she took things slower, but it still seemed a little awkward. Having five people on her high-flying chair still looked a tad crowded. And nobody is ever going accuse Leonora of not making eye contact with the viewer.

All told, it’s still way too sweet for me, like drinking a glass of undiluted orange squash.

Qualifying? Borderline

I find it impossible to hate this, despite all the twee ingredients that would usually make me baulk at a song like this. She’s looking more confident with the ladders now too. Health and safety minefield, mind!EUROVISION APOCALYPSE