Denmark: Oddly lifeless

Starting with Syggi at her baby grand – and there might be a few misplaced reflection shots to lose here, soon the band join in. And that’s where it all goes to pot. moving from a crystal-clear vocal to something that sounds garbled.

Despite using big bright primary colours and all four women bouncing around for all they’re worth, the performance comes across as oddly lifeless, flat and (crucially) unfinished. Like we’re seeing this at its early stages of development. For me, it’s made worse by seeing the group mime their instruments as convincingly as me trying to use a power tool. The end result is a bit like four actors picked from central casting to play a Bangles-style rock band in a Lifetime Movie of the Week.

The dead sun should work here – it could easily be seen as an LP record, but instead, it only adds to the whole unfinished feeling.

Given the song is nothing special, the performance and staging matters big time and I just don’t think the Danes have done anywhere near enough to push this over the qualifying line.