Denmark try to recapture past glories on a “Saturday Night”

Saturday night

When it comes to Eurovision, some countries are often accused of sending nobodies or artists eager to recapture past glories.

Case in point this year being Denmark.

Broadcaster DR has announced its list of songs and singers (see below) and the “biggest” name in the mix is Sannie. Never heard of her? What if I told you she also performs under an alternative moniker. Whigfield.

Those old enough to recall ‘Saturday Night‘ will surely look on her with kindness. Her Europop banger (as the kids now call anything with a beat) displaced the very Wet Wet Wet song Love is All Around after sixteen weeks at number one in the UK charts.

While she may start the contest as the red-hot favourite (on the basis that she’s known and had two hits and the like in the rest of Europe) – There are nine other contenders that DR have named  who will fight her tooth and nail to get the crown.  I suspect people may not have heard of these either but they are….

Song Performer(s)
Riot Ditte Marie
Starlight Anna Ritsmar
Higher ground Rasmussen
Boys on girls Sannie
Angels to my battlefield Sandra
Unfound Lasse Meling
Standing up for love Carlsen
Signals Karui
Holder fast i ingenting Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe
Music for the road Albin Fredy


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