Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2023 – Part 10/37 – Denmark

Denmark – Reiley – Breaking my heart.

Let me say this right at the beginning – this will have it’s voting constituency and I’m clearly not it.  To me, this is a Caucasian twink of unspecified age and androgenous gender singing a song which could, with a generosity of spirit, be a song which BTS or insert Kpop band here would release with about 80 gamillion Hello Kitty waving girls buying the record and snapping at Reiley’s heels everywhere he went.

That does, then, make it “modern” and “radio friendly” without a doubt  but the whole thing is, to me, so annoyingly smug and calculated.  Reiley making that stupid heart shape with his fingers at the appropriate moment just makes me want to punch his face in, quite honestly.  Musically this song is literally two ideas.  It’s a chorus which is assisted by the vocoder repeated about eight times as the song goes on, coupled with a verse that is nothing better than background music.  Its almost as though the composers have run out of ideas and just decided to loop the same ideas over and over again almost knowing that if they put the talent on screen that he would pick up votes automatically.

And he will.  There is every chance that the younger demographic will think this is an excellent piece of the genre and the young girls, the old gays, and the young unsures may well televote for it in their thousands.  This old gay, however, will not be.

Phil’s Score – 4 Points

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