Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 10/37 – Denmark

Having said that Czech Republic doesn’t know its people, SABA knows who she is singing to, me!.  There is something about this song that just speaks to me but it could be that I have heard a million of these kinds of songs before from all across Scandinavia and I just accept it as “being this”.

She’s got a cracking voice and the simple staging of the DMGP helped this song to resonate.  Musically, as I have alluded to, it doesn’t do anything groundbreaking, new or different, but it’s presented immaculately by SABA and I even like the heartbeat light thing she does, that the camera almost failed to pick up in their national final, It doesn’t look cheap or forced.

And that’s the vibe of this song – it’s natural.  It’s not “schlager for schlager’s sake” and it’s always amazing what a decent performance of a semi-decent song can do.  It’s almost like there is a singing contest threatening to rear its head.

SixPointsI like this – and my analytical head says I shouldn’t – but have some of this in the Final, please?!


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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