Reilley loves film scores – Who Knew!!

Reilley says that he got up at 0530 and had to be ready. The first rehearsal was great, and the second rehearsal looked so good. He seems pleased, if nothing else. Hair tips to start with – you’ll excuse me if I don’t recite them. Has he made friends with anyone else? – Reilly says Alika and Alessandra are his “besties” in the contest.

His Eurovision experience? – It’s been amazing and such a whirlwind. He has experienced so much that he has never experienced before (rabid male fans presumably being one of them?). Everything is lining up, and he is excited to open the second semi-final.

He plays classical piano which he used to play, and film scores because they paint a good picture. He also says that he goes back to the Faeroe Islands occasionally. He still has his bed and his favourite hairstylist. How did he start loving music? – At school in a Grease remake (Sandy, maybe?)

As Reilley is a TikTok “star,” he’s asked about his favourite video. He mentions that he likes makeup transition videos.  Has he seen some of Liverpool? Yes, he has been shopping. He thinks banana sandwiches are tremendous but has never had one – what a weird question, but he then goes off on a tangent about Faeroese delicacies. The discussion then moves to Timur and Reilley talking about food – I’m starving now!!

Reiley says that Faeroese people are welcoming, the place is lovely and has a varied music culture, so you should visit them!!

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