23 June – You may take all my golden necklaces

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In these days of Eurovision semi-finals – and the bloodbaths they have become – it’s important to remember that they were tried twice in the 1990s. These two almost-forgotten events need celebrating, as there were gems of songs that never made it beyond these happenings.

Today’s birthday girl Janika Sillamaa was picked by Estonia to go to Millstreet in 1993. Although she only got as far as Ljubljana – yep, she was aiming to go in a circuitous route from sunny Tallinn. Anyway, Janika went to Slovenia to fight for one of three places in Ireland, and sadly came short. Maybe the song title put some of the jurors off. And maybe it’s time Janika got another go.

Janika is 49 today.

Palju õnne sünnipäevaks, Janika!

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