24 February – Lying here naked and staring at the phone

I’m loving today’s birthday. But more of that later. Our favourite TV show often throws up writers who keep coming back. It could be because they’re good writers. Or it could be because they’ve nothing better to do with a song they wrote.

I think today’s birthday boy Stig Rästa is a good writer. He’s done his stuff several times now, and the time he actually sang one of is compositions is seen as one of the best from his country. He wasn’t there alone, but you can probably guess which of the two performers is Mr Rästa. He happened to be back in the game in 2019 and he even tried Eesti Laul this year. Is he Estonia’s Mr Eurovision? And if you’re still no convinced, just look at the tension.

Stig is 42 today.

Palju sünnipäeva, Stig!

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