3 January – You’ve got the sheet and I have the rudder in my hand

It’s often nice when we see people having another go at winning European singing’s biggest prize. After all, plenty of people have tried on several occasions to become that song.

Back in 1998, we saw today’s birthday boy Koit Toome as a fresh-faced teenager sat at a piano singing a very passable song in Birmingham. Nineteen – yes, nineteen – years later he tried again as part of a duo. He’s a big player in the Estonian music scene and will never be short of work. Anyway, back in 1998 he finished on what would have been the coveted left-hand side of the scoreboard, even getting one maximum. Even as a forty-something, the years have been kind, as we saw in 2017.

Koit is 45 today.

Palju õnne sünnipäevaks, Koit!