Urban Symphony
Estonian entrants Urban Symphony Photo: Indrek Galetin (EBU)

Phil: Well after my last outpouring of ex-soviet bloc love, I dare not even speak about this one. This is staged exactly how you would expect it to be staged. Lead singer in the centre and the backing singers around her … However, no matter how lovely it is to hear the Estonian Language on stage, and no matter how much this is clearly aimed at the juries to give it loads of votes – I just fear that relying on the jury vote is not going to be enough to make sure of its passage to the final to be honest. If, however, it does get through – and it’s a very big if based on the demographic of voters and not due to the quality of the song – It has potential to get 3’s and 4’s off the juries and a decent result. It also relies on “nice” – a dirty word in these parts.

Franko: How nice to have a slab of Estonian loveliness amidst all the mayhem in the second half of the draw. This is one of my actual favourite songs in the contest. Sung beautifully and a pretty tune. The presentation is unspectacular but by this point in the contest I’ll be craving unspectacular and I’m not sure that the viewers won’t, which is why I think it may pick up some support. Some Belgians tried this very simple style a few years ago and were completely ignored by the gathered press in Riga only to finish second by just 2 points. I’m not saying that history will repeat itself but it’s got final potential methinks.