Eesti Laul full results – Uku to fly the flag again!

They took precautions in Estonia with the pre-recording of all of the performances on the Friday night before the Saturday show – very sensible.

Two rounds of voting, televote and jury in the first round (and some of the jurors were clearly on some sort of substance, in my opinion).

They whittled down the field of 12 down to three, who sung again for the Superfinal which was televoting only.

The full result, as we know it at time of writing

Song Performer(s) 1st Round Jury 1st Round Televote Super Final Psn
Free again Egert Milder 1 1 12
Heaven’s not that far tonight Suured Tüdrukud 2 6 7
One by one Hans Nayna 6 0 10
Ma olen siin Ivo Linna, Robert Linna & Supernova 0 2 11
Kiss me Karl Killing 8 0 8
The lucky one Uku Suviste 3 12 24081 1
Time Sissi 12 3 15357 2
Magus melanhoolia Jüri Pootsmann 7 8 12776 3
Tartu Redel 0 7 9
We could have been beautiful Koit Toome 4 10 4
Wingman Andrei Zevakin & Pluuto 10 4 5
Energy Kadri Voorand 5 5 6

After only just scraping through to the superfinal with the juries, the televote in both rounds clearly saved Uku, and gave him the ticket to the final.