Estonia? Eurovision? November?! – The result of the First Eurovision show of 2022.

Despite it being only November the hardy souls over at ERR have decreed that your Eurovision needs YOU – well for values of YOU I clearly mean the Estonian’s amongst you, to use your voting finger and vote for the winners.

Again, for values of win I think we’re being vague here. Televoting will pick 3 songs (Q) and a jury of music professionals will pick 2 songs  (q) and those five will qualify for the Semi Final round in February. Stig in this one along with everyone’s favourite sulky Estonian lady Evelin both of whom qualified by televote as it happened!

The results of that first Quarter Final are shown below.

Song  Performer  
Kaua veel Traffic
Kui vaid Jaagup Tuisk q
Everytime Kéa
Feel like this Fiona and Me
Koos lõpuni Peter Põder
Interstellar Stig Rästa Q
Meeletu Maian q
Hea päev Little Mess
Mitte kauaks Boamadu Q
Waterfall Evelin Samuel Q


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