Estonia: lost in the press centre

Koit and Laura Lost in Verona

I can’t be arse with Lithuania. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is. What a big stinky heap of crap.

Estonia, however, I am rather given to. I love the moodiness captured in the song, the desperation of a doomed relationship, but of course with a killer tune that we’ve heard echoes of a thousand times at Eurovision.

They have a difficult task: they need the chemistry to pull off a lack of chemistry. They need to convey all the frosty raw emotion and desperation of the protagonists, whilst not looking like mardy gits for their three short minutes on an international entertainment show.

Think of the mood Elina Born created two years ago for Estonia and you’re someway there.

Koit and Laura know this as they’ve borrowed aspects of that very staging. At the moment, I’m not sure they manage it. The sullen looks to camera that work in the video do so because they can be carefully selected, but live they have to be got in one take, and such closeness of the edit will show up every nuance of missed body language. I adore this song, but I think, unless they tighten this up, it may be far from the success many fans are willing it to be.

Monty x