love it when I can see a plan coming together. Elina and Stig aren’t spending a lot of their 30 minutes on singing today, because they don’t need to. They’re spending an *enormous* amount of time on technical shenanigans though. I suspect that the excitingly Bondesque – yet static – silhouettes creating the show today are going to be convincingly live action Elina and Stig come Friday.

Sometimes you just get the sense that people are putting the work in because they’re trying to win. And while I still don’t mind Finland as a nice little finished article, dark horse, this is absolutely sitting at the top table. Will it win? It’s shaping up nicely. If this is 2010 coming back, then this is probably Manga’s first rehearsal.

I’m enthusiastic. I won’t ask for a Tallinn weather forecast quite yet though – this is the first option on the winner menu, there are other delicacies still to come,  and we’ve already been to Tallinn anyway at this time of a different year. We *know* what the weather’s like.

Winner of day 1, though? Hell yes. Easily.

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