Finally Ott gives me something to listen to!

I’ve not been a champion of the Estonian song at all. Throughout the preview season I’ve tried to get into this and failed miserably, each time losing interest by the half-way mark and not being able to get past the sheer dullness of it.

But I might have to rethink that slightly.

On the big stage Ott’s voice really seems to fill this cavernous arena and finally his pleas to Listen are getting through. I’m totally surprised by this; I still don’t think it’s a great song and an excellent vocal doesn’t inject the much-needed interest to the melody, but I can see that Ott is capable of impressing with this vocally and this deserves credit and praise.

I had this completely written off and whilst sticking in Estonian might still limit his wider appeal I think this is now firmly in the mix to qualify and could even be a top 10 finish in the final. Now, whose precious qualification place might he be about to steal…?

Monty x