Fourth Quarter Final in Estonia – Your weekends become yours again soon but now, the result!

Disappointingly, Last week’s Quarter Final saw the lowest viewing figures of the three heats so far with only 11.1% of the audience but it shot up to the second most viewed show of the week in Estonia once all of the conosoldated viewing had been taken into account.  Lies, damned lies and statistics eh?

Before we plough into the final quarter final line up, feel free to check out the  first Quarter Final and Second Quarter Final results to see if you have missed a decent song or ten.

As usual you can view this week’s show at  2035CET at ETV’s website but it will be there for catch up for a bit afterwards.  Hosted by Getter Jani and Jüri Poostmann (who always rings twice) will have 10 misic video performances shown to the audience.  Televoting will decide 3 qualifierrs (Q in the table below) and 2 from the Jury (q).  You’re final ten quarter-finialists are:

Song Performer(s)
Golden shores Púr Múdd & Shira q
Fire Elysa Q
What to make of this Minimal Wind ft. Elisabeth Tiffany q
Tule minu sisse Dramanda
Quicksilver Emily J.
Aovalguses Ott Lepland Q
Tunnete keel Eleryn Tiit
My mom Jessica
Shouldn’t be friends Ariadne
Sandra Black Velvet Q