Is Alika building bridges to qualifying?


Alika says that she is neither nervous nor scared – she is both, which is good for her art. Her rehearsals have seemingly gone well.

The idea for the song came from a day when she was in a bad mood and anxious – well, at least she is honest – It helped her to write the song fast when she was focused on it. She mentions that she wrote it whilst she was in The Netherlands. Her stage outfit? – Her stylist and Alika worked together and decided to collaborate for the costume. She says it is slightly different from a standard ballad dress. They went for light blue, which represents peace and calmness.

She says she speaks Estonian, Russian, English and a little bit of Ukrainian but has not had any chance to get there for obvious reasons.  She watches Ukrainian TV and mentions Ukraine’s top models.

Back to that songwriting camp, she says they had two studio sessions in August, which was a magical time for her.  Which instrument would she like to learn? Trumpets when she was younger, and then when she got older, she wanted to be a saxophonist. Alika has never tried to play – perhaps she should meet Fleur East?.

She started singing at the age of four and loves being in the music industry, and she says that she made the right choice! Alika says that she has spent most of her time with the boys from San Marino (fnarr) – She doesn’t know how this has happened as they are funny and understanding!