Semi Final one on a Thursday in Estonia… Qualifiers!

on a clearly very cold Thursday night in Tallinn ETV put on a TV show in the Saku Suurhalle devoid of audience but totally understandable in the current circumstances and yes, I do wish I was there thanks for asking.

The show’s production values were, as usual, top notch and it looked great – even if the presented music was, in parts, more standard definition than 4K.  From the 12 songs presented, 4 went through in the first round of voting from Televote and Jury  (marked with a Q below), and the other 2 came from a 2nd round of Televoting (marked with a q)

Song Performer(s)
Best night ever Tanja
One by one Hans Nayna q
Tuuled Wiiralt
Hypnotized Kéa
Andrei Zevakin & Pluuto
Kiss me Karl Killing Q
Calm down Nika Marula
Free again Egert Milder Q
Üks öö Tuuli Rand
We could have been beautiful Koit Toome Q
Find a way Kristin Kalnapenk
Ma olen siin
Ivo Linna, Robert Linna & Supernova

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