Estonia’s songs have been quietly pushed out

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With no warning, our chums at Estonian broadcaster ERR have previewed the semi finalists for this year’s Eesti Laul.  We’ve blatantly lifted them from our mates at Eurovision Ireland so feel free to enjoy them.
Word of warning though, the links play full screen and the songs are at the beginning of a 9-10 minute full interview in Estonian so the best bit is at the beginning!

First semi-final

1. Vajé – Laura (Walk with me)
2. Iiris & Agoh – Drop that boogie
3. Etnopatsy – Külm
4.  Sibyl Vane – Thousand words
5. Aden Ray – Everybody’s dressed
6. Tiiu x Okym x Semy – Näita oma energiat
7. Stig Rästa – Home
8. Miljardid – Pseudoprobleem
9. Desiree – On my mind
10. Elina Nechayeva – La forza

Second semi-final

1. Marju Länik – Täna otsuseid ei tee
2. Rolf Roosalu – Show a little love
3. Frankie Animal – (Can’t keep calling) Misty
4. Eliis Pärna & Gerli Padar – Sky
5. Indrek Ventmann – Tempel
6. Evestus – Welcome to my world
7. Karl Kristjan & Karl Killing feat. Wateva – Young
8. Metsakutsu – Kopifornia
9. Girls in Pearls – Spellbound
10. Nika – Knock, knock

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