10 November – I will take our love to a safe place

Do you have a list of your favourites songs per country? Maybe you think Quedate conmigo is the best Spanish song ever. Or that Nel blu dipinto di blu is the best Italian song of all time. Or what can beat Kuula from a certain Baltic nation?

Anyway, today’s birthday girl Virve Hannele ‘Vicky’ Rosti from Finland sang what must be one of the best Finnish songs of all time. Or am I talking out of my Kaalikääryle? If you recall, she sang in 1987, amidst a pile of something out of a coal mine. And she sang with Boulevard who got their three minutes of fame in 1988. And also, the legendary Ossi Runne was conducting. What could go wrong? Well, an inherent ignorance of a Finnish classic was what went wrong, as this gem finished a lowly 15th. Still, any Eurovision disco worth its salt plays this song today.

Vicky is 63 today.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Vicky!