23 October – He knows each European country by heart

It’s fair to assume that if you win a Eurovision semi-final, the chances are that you will do very well in the Grand Final. You could even win. So it’s always a thing when a high flier in the semi-final doesn’t fulfil its potential in the Saturday night show.

Today’s birthday boy Paradise Oskar (né Axel Ehnström) did his stuff in Düsseldorf. He got a middling draw in his semi-final, with his song about Peter, and finished third. Of course he didn’t know this at the time, but if he had, hopes would have been high. Anyway, onto the Grand Final, and Oskar gets the honour (if it is) of performing first. Maybe it’s fate, but in these uncertain times a song that performs first doesn’t always have the same success. Such was the same for him. He managed a 21st spot. But we’re sure Peter would still be proud of him.

Oskar is 32 today.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää/Grattis på födelsedagen, Oskar!