7 December – Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom

It was a big day yesterday if you were Finnish. It was Independence Day, where the great and the good get hosted at massive expense (it is Finland, don’t forget) by President Niinistö. It must be a good gig to hob-nob with famous people.

Those of us that manage to get to Eurovisions don’t quite have the luxury of fraternising with stars. We just get Eurovision singers instead. For today’s birthday girl Marion Rung, she gets a double whammy. Independence Day one day, and birthday the next. It’s all good. She sang for Finland on two separate occasions so I was spoilt for choice. I went for the colour tune which gave Marion her slightly better finishing position. At the time, it was her country’s best finish, and only beaten once.

Marion is 77 today.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Marion!

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