9 September – I’m touching you only in my sleep

OK, so I’ve gone for the same vintage year as yesterday. But 1991 was an interesting year when lots of songs got decent scores. And of course the EBU’s St Frank Naef had to employ a tie-break to pick a winner. Whether it was the right winner is something for another time.

That Rome contest had a wide collection of songs, and you could see who was and who wasn’t using the orchestra. And those who had noteworthy dance routines. On such routine came from today’s birthday girl Kaija Kärkinen. Her song featured one gentleman torn between his two women. Did he pick the right one? A bit like the result of the contest itself. Now Finnish is one of those languages that divides opinion. It was unlike any other language used in 1991, and only gained Ms Kärkinen six measly points. It easily deserved more. Those pesky juries for giving them to [insert country here] instead.

Kaija is 57 today.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Kaija!