Finland – is it all in my head?

Darude at Eurovision

The last time I said something about Finland, I was picked up in by least three online newspapers it transpires. If they are watching, prepare yourselves. This review isn’t going to be pleasant reading either.

‘Look away’ is not a song; it’s more a stream of consciousness. It’s the musical equivalent of one long three minute rambling sentence with no punctuation. We get a vehicle for Darude with a side order of Sebastian. The lyric, such as it is, is so repetitive and meaningless; almost as though no one cares, as if someone slung a handful of words together to tempt a known artist onto the Eurovision stage.

Sebastian tried his best, but he’s been saddled with a stinker of a song. He must surely be better than this.

Qualifying? Not a chance (Anteeksi Suomi)