Saara and her wheel of misfortune

Saara Aalto at Eurovision 2018

Ooh Lady Saara of Altoo now and, as expected, she’s has a big prop erection onstage consisting of a wheel of fortune at the back, two illuminated staircases with hand rails. There’s talk of a waterfall for the third run through. My my… 

She has four backing dancers, two male and two female, in slate grey military uniform with black leather boots. She’s attached to the wheel to start with and is rotated upside down for a couple of lines of verse one whilst trying hard to hold onto her vocal. The audience won’t see this however as it’s filmed at the backend on the second run through the dancer couldn’t get her clasp undone. There’s some minimal choreography from Saara and some backing dancer marching up the staircases and general flouncing. 

She’s dressed in a black and silver studded short dress with knee length boots and is actually in very good voice once she gets off the wagon wheel. Pyros for the big high note and Saara then struts up to the top of the stairs for the final part of the song where a pyro wall appears not a waterfall AND hand-held (I think!) pyros from the dancers themselves  before she throws herself backwards into the arms of the male dancers. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!

I’m a little underwhelmed if I’m honest, it’s busy but not the car crash some had expected. 

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