So no Cicciolina in Finland then.. Aksel with loads of vowels to Rotterdam


Death to Juries, so Roy and I say. Cicciolina, which was performed car-crashingly badly live, failed to rescue Eurovision and all sensible people by not winning. The Finnish people decided that it was the best song, but those dang ‘experts’ decided to place it only third – boo!

As you can see by the results table below there were only two songs in it, and the Finns, who almost had a win in their grasp, decided to whimp out and play safe… gah!

1Os Azeitonas"Solta a voz e canta"
2Cubita"Uma mensagem tua"
3Inês Homem de Melo"Fome de viagem"
4Syro"Ainda nos temos"
5Pepperoni Passion"Código 30"
6Milhanas"Corpo de mulher"
7O Vampiro Submarino"Ao lado de mim"
8Jonas"Pontas soltas"
9Blacci"Mar no fim"
10Pongo and Tristany"Dégrá.dê"