11 May – I feel my eyes lighting up

You may think that the winners are the most important things to come out of the contest. They are one of them, obviously, but sometimes you have to look deeper to pick out other important aspects.

Today’s birthday girl brought about a rule change that has stayed to this day. She also, indirectly, spawned the Junior version of our favourite TV show. Back in 1989, the French sent 11-year old Nathalie Dominique Françoise Pâque, who is actually Belgian. It was because of her and an Israeli singer the same year, that the rule about the lower age came into effect in 1990. Since then, a singer has to be at least 16 in the year of the contest. Of course, with the absence of child stars, the EBU eventually came up with the contest where youngsters could compete without the adults. That must make her important in the contest’s history.

Nathalie is 47 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Nathalie!

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