12 June – I liked our toxic love

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It’s an old adage that anyone can won our favourite TV show. If the song’s good enough, it’ll shine through. And past performance is no guide to future performance. Take France for example, only going and finishing second in Rotterdam in 2021 and fourth in Malmö in 2024.

In 2013, our friends in France sent today’s birthday girl Amandine Bourgeois. She eventually finished 23rd, proving the above adage. What may not have helped, even though a good song could be performed ‘almost’ anywhere and should still win, was Amandine performing first in the Grand Final. She did score and wasn’t the last of the Big Five. But on the plus side, she was the first to take advantage of the free bar offered to all participants. And at Swedish prices, that wasn’t a bad thing.

Amandine is 45 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Amandine!

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