12 September – The hours flee slowly in the night

We like taking chances here, and I’ll wager that, unless you’ve down your research, you may not know today’s song. It’s probably never ever been played at the typical Eurovision disco.

Back in 1956, on some Thursday night in May, performers from seven countries gathered in Lugano for a bit of a sing-song. It was televised, but only snippets exist, but can get it in glorious audio. One of the French singers was today’s birthday girl Mathé Altéry (née Marie-Thérèse Altare). It’s good to play these older songs, and Mathé can’t have realised what the sing song on that Spring evening would become over the next 60 years. And as the first French performer, she started a line that Tom Leeb can’t wait to continue.

Mathé is 93 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Mathé!