2 March – I’m a real boy, I’m the one who bewitches you

It must be daunting when you’re drawn to perform last in the Eurovision Song Contest. It might have been less so when they were smaller, but in these years of 25+ songs per contest, those butterflies must start to appear at some point.

Back in 1994, the concept of a 25-song contest was pretty new, and today’s birthday girl Stéphanie ‘Nina’ Morato. She had to watch 24 other acts come and go on that April night in Dublin. Seven of these had not been in a Saturday night final before, so really wanted to make an impression. And some of them did. Nina did acquit herself well by finishing seventh, and she was just a few points shy of a higher placing. It must have been the unique outfit. And, of course, the hat.

Nina is 55 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Nina!