21 March – You are, you are, you are


Remember 2020? That dark time when the world seemed to go on forever, and we couldn’t mix in groups of more then, erm, two. Many countries did the prep for a contest in Rotterdam, and then it was all taken away from us. Cruelly in some cases.

A number of the performers lined up for 2020 got the gig in 2021. Weren’t they lucky? But some others were case into limbo by not getting another go. One of those unlucky ones was Tom Leeb. All we got was him somewhere in the Eiffel Tower with his big ballad. France Télévisions, in their infinite wisdom cast Tom aside like an old beret, and chose someone else for the real contest in Rotterdam. Their 2021 pick finished second so perhaps leaving him was justified. But it would have been interesting to see him do what he was picked for.

Tom is 35 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Tom!

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