22 February – They try to find the Milky Way

Gimmick. A song needs a gimmick. But what to choose. We’ve had costume changes, wind machine, and pyros. But they were becoming so old hat by 2008. What’s a performer to do?

In 2008, our friends in France sent Sébastian Tellier to Belgrade in 2008 and he took a gimmick or two with him. Some have never been used since, which says something about his insightfulness. You can watch the video to see what a visionary he was. As we know, the 2009 contest wasn’t in France, as Seb didn’t win. He only finished 19th. This either means people didn’t get his gimmicks, or that they were generally falling out of fashion, couldn’t it? It surely couldn’t be anything to do with the song, as it was later used on a TV advertisement for cars.

Sébastien is 48 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Sébastian!