22 June – Ran away from the war, nothing left to lose

Do you remember 2018? We were in sunny sunny Lisbon. Everyone was tipping certain countries to win. Or do badly. They got some predictions right. And some, well, not quite as right.

As with every year recently, the Big Five make it straight through to the final. This means that they don’t get heard quite as much as the other songs wanting to get there. It hasn’t worked that badly against Italy recently and the others have been having mixed fortunes. But France had high hopes in Lisbon, and we all thought they were onto something. Today’s birthday boy Jean-Karl Lucas was one half of France’s Madame Monsieur and had co-written their song. Some of us were planning trips to Paris for 2019. How wrong we were. Their song did just scrape onto the left-hand side of the scoreboard. But what did go wrong? Two of the Big Five finished above MM. On the plus side, their song in 2018 did better than the one they co-wrote in 2019.

Jean-Karl is 40 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Jean-Karl!