22 May – In Europe boys pay court to girls

Can you see it? The dust settling, that is? Over another riotous cavalcade of quality song? We’ve had 64 of them now, so the EBU must be doing something right.

A whole lot of contests mean that we have a rich history, and today’s birthday boy comes from an early part of that history. It’s Dominique Walter (né Gruère), and he was at the 11th edition back in 1966. His mother actually took part in 1956 as the first ever Luxembourgeois representative. We don’t know how she did, but her son didn’t do that well for France, scoring just one point off Monaco. He didn’t finish last. In those days you scored a point for finishing third in a country’s jury vote. Did he deserve more?

Dominique is 77 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Dominique!