27 September – Make me smile in the middle of a requiem

Our friends in France have experienced the highs and lows of Eurovision lately. After nearly winning in 2021, they had less good fortune in 2022. Eurovision can be a very fickle beast at times.

In 2017, France sent today’s birthday girl Alma (née Alexandra Maquet) to the lovely city of Kyiv. One thing that was noticed was her travel there. She flew Air France – naturally – but couldn’t get a business class sea, either there or back. Is that because France Télévisions didn’t think she could win, even though they managed sixth the previous year? Or were France Télévisions hoping for a win so saving a war chest wherever they could? In any event, Alma just squeezed into the left-hand side of the scoreboard. Maybe the thought of business class would have spurred her on more.

Alma is 34 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Alma!