30 June – Never admit, never, never, never, never

You know that thing when you’ve had enough of colour performances? So to redress that balance, here’s one in glorious black & white. No, don’t click ‘back’, you may be surprised.

The tenth contest saw us in Naples, with a set that must have cost, oh at least 200 Lira. And 199 Lira went on the show-stealing double microphone. Nevertheless, it should be all about the music, and birthday boy Guy Mardell (né Mardochée Elkoubi) did what he could with the resources he was given. His pleasant little ditty, which was a little negative with all its “never”s, came third, getting votes from eight juries. He even got two maxima. And who came second? Yes, the United Kingdom of Stuff. Again.

Guy is 77 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Guy!

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