France – Now this is more like it

Lissandro by Corinne Cumming-EBU

Whereas Spain was, by local consensus, bloody awful, this is a gamillion times better than it was in preview.

If Elvis had lived … no bear with me here … and had a steamy affair in, say, Marseilles in about 2005, then this would be the result. The king, does indeed, live small in Lissandro and this contest is all the better for it.

Detractors will say this is old style Eurovision and a kid just singing the words to something which is fun. He’s wearing a spangly top and because he is a tiny French boy in your pocket He is on a stage with dancers all around him. Imagine a better version of Copycat from Belgium in the adult show – granted that’s a bad comparison, but you get the idea.

There isn’t that much which is negative here – the only thing I would say is the play out from the final verse to the big finish is a touch too long but I also get the other side of the coin is that it builds a hook in the ear of the listener.

We have pyro and dry ice for the final run through which is always welcome!