Lissandro de France: Le Maître de la scène

Lissandro by Corinne Cumming-EBU
Lissandro by Corinne Cumming-EBU

For those of you interested, Le Maître de la scène is French for The Greatest Showman – but move over Hugh Jackman and show-stopping lip syncs… it’s Lissandro’s moment in the spotlight!

Watching the Opening Ceremony, a lot of us noted that Lissandro seemed to be quite bubbly and if that he could harness that on stage we’d be in for a real show… and my goodness, can he! Everything about this performance works: the almost Las Vegas cabaret staging and lighting, the swing jazz music, Lissandro’s natural stage presence… those arms he throws up at the end shows he is definitely channelling Elvis! Mr Phil has an interesting theory, but you’ll have to check out his post for that(!)

Always amazed me at this contest that people who are so young can have such boundless confidence and talent. I’m genuinely impressed Lissandro, bravo! There is every chance that we could be back in France next year for Junior Eurovision. And yes, once he’s old enough I think France need to seriously consider him for the adult contest too!!

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