There are times in this contest where …

Patricia Kaas

… you just have to stand up and admit you were wrong.

This, Europe, is one of those moments.

For months I was of the opinion that this was an unmitigated bag of toss and was just a bag of fan wank that was going absolutely nowhere.

I have been privileged to sit through not only the sound check but through an entire performance of this quality song. This is one of those songs that has made me sit up and take notice of it and I was glued to screens from first note to last. Patricia Kaas is going to perform the legs, backside, tush and anything else you care to mention off this song.

It is nothing complicated – it is just her and a dimly lit stage being, well, French to be honest. I thought that would be it’s undoing – but that is its major strength. It is not trying to be anything other than a simple song sung by a world class singer – no staplers, no fireworks, no dancers – just her…… and 3 minutes of sheer genius….

I am happy to admit I am wrong…. As to where it is going to come – I can quite easily seeing this being Top 5 and potentially Top 1 – unlikely but possible.

Patricia Kaas at Eurovision Song Contest 2009
Patricia Kaas at Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)