17 March – Who told you that my life is a book of fairytales?

What’s the unluckiest place to finish in a Eurovision Song Contest? It’s probably 11th in a semi-final. Just think about it. You’re almost up for a night at the Grand Final, but you’ve missed out.

To be fair, you might as well have finished last in your semi-final, as that song has the same fate. You go home on Wednesday/Friday morning, maybe for a little chat with your culture ministry, and are never allowed to sing again. I jest of course, as I’m sure today’s birthday girl თამარა ‘თაკო’ გაჩეჩილაძე/Tamara “Tako” Gachechiladze is singing somewhere as I write this. She finished 11th in her semi-final (a fact that surprised many), but at least her song had a meaning, and wasn’t “fast food music”.

Tako is 35 today.

გილოცავ დაბადების დღეს, თაკო!

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