5 November – Like I am sailing on a sea of dreams

That thing when you get a well-performed duet at our favourite TV show. In theory, you get two able performers, who bounce off each other, giving us the best of both worlds.

It’s odd that more duets haven’t won the contest. Today’s birthday boy ნოდიკო ‘ნოდარ’ ტატიშვილი/Nodiko ‘Nodar’ Tatishvili duetted with Sopho Gelovani in 2013. It was a tough contest, and Georgia was highly fancied at the outset. In the event, they qualified 10th out of their semi-final but still managed 15th in the Grand Final. It was one of several songs written (or co-written) by Swedes, so maybe those Nordics were keeping their best songs for themselves. Still, it’s by no means the worst Georgia has done. And who wouldn’t love to go there for a contest? We van always hope.

Nodar is 35 today.

გილოცავ დაბადების დღეს, ნოდარ!