Georgia reminding us why they reign supreme at Junior Eurovision

Mariam Bigvava
Mariam Bigvava by Corinne Cumming - EBU

Georgia are perhaps the Kings of JESC and so we awaited their rehearsals with a sense of expectation. And what greets us is at the same time unique, bold and a little strange, but in the best possible way.

I’m wondering if the stiff, angular uniforms are perhaps a very modern interpretation of traditional Georgian garb – a quick Google Images search suggests it could be. I’d love to know what is written across Mariam’s front in Georgian. The script of the Georgian alphabet is stunningly intricate and adds to the mystery… is it a plea for peace? A warning? Defiant? Hopeful? So many possibilities…

As performance art, it’s exquisite. Black and white geometric shapes and sharp angles with splashes of red make for a very stark visual, which combines well with the slow, dramatic beat. Dances wheel around in staccato formations, framing a very intent looking Mariam. There’s a nice moment towards the end with some armography and stamping that looks incredible – then Mariam drops to her knees as the song closes… leaving the audience wondering what they’ve just witnessed.

I applaud this staging for being very intense, daring and mature for Junior Eurovision. I’m divided as to whether it’s going to have the desired effect. Some people (like me) are going to watch this, love it and revel in the severity and drama. Others (by which I suspect 80%+ of the public) are going to be unsure and probably a little weirded out. Let them be weirded out. Georgia, that was spectacular!!

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