Georgia – You could almost hear the gear change from here

Oto Nemsadze rehearses at Eurovision 2019

After the totally dour and insipid, we got the inspired staging of Georgia.  This was nowhere on Saturday and then he hit the stage on Sunday and everyone went “blimey”.

They pretty much did the same today. Oto just came on stage and belted the living daylights out of his song. The backing choir – who can clearly sing in their own right – induced a spine-tingling final 30-45 seconds. The visuals (the descent into hell looked stunning) helped make the song memorable for all the right reasons.

No, it didn’t have a key change and no, it wasn’t not all spangly Spanx, but this is a valid song and staging concept that, as far as I am concerned, will qualify to the final.

It only has to beat seven others, after all.

Qualifying? Yes