12 June – Ooh baby, just burn, burn, burn

The Big Five (formerly known as the Big Four). Do they warrant a position in the Grand Final? Or should they have to qualify like everyone else? It’s a question that goes back over 14 years. For now, at least, they are already in the Grand Final.

Their disadvantage is they don’t get their song out there in the week up to the Saturday night. So they have to make a bigger impression during their three minutes. Today’s birthday boy Oscar Loya – an American by birth – Sang for Germany with his pals Alex Christensen and Miss Dita von Teese. Alex got a credit, Dita just showed off! Alex and co finished third of the Big Four, even with Miss von Teese’s help. Denmark and the UK of stuff (the naughty televoters) liked their act best. But what was Alex’s comfort? He paved the way for Germany’s win the following year.

Oscar is 41 today.

Frohe Geburtstag/Happy birthday, Oscar!