12 October – He’s thinking of you, always of you

We all go through dark times, but friends will help you. No matter what it is. Don’t forget that. And people sing about things getting better, because they often do.

But onto today’s song. I’ve gone vintage. Really vintage. Black and white vintage. Stay with me – there are some gems among the monochrome era. Today’s birthday girl Inge Brück was doing her stuff back in 1967, when she hopped just over the border from Germany to Austria. This is a great song, typical of its age, and scored seven points from seven different juries. Her song finished top half, but witnessed history with a first win for the UK of stuff and first runners-up spot for Ireland. And she had Frankfurters on stage too!

Inge is 85 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Inge!

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